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Building Sites
Building Sites
Building Sites

Building Sites


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Watch an abandoned building being demolished and a new one rise in its place. Observe concrete cutters, bulldozers, excavators, concrete mixers, cranes, tunnel borers and steam rollers at work on a building site, at a boatyard, building an underground tunnel, a motorway and a dam. Learn about all the different people involved in each stage of construction: architects, masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and many others.

A destacar:

- Ilustrador: Philippe Biard.

- Dimensões: 165 mm x 180 mm x 15 mm.

- Nº de páginas: 36 [capa dura].

- Data de lançamento: 15/10/2018.

- Idioma: Inglês.

Para quem?

Recomendado para crianças com mais de 4 anos de idade.