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My Friends and Me | Little Tiger
My Friends and Me | Little Tiger
My Friends and Me | Little Tiger

My Friends and Me | Little Tiger

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Jamie has lots of friends – lots of friends with different kinds of families. Kate’s got two dads, Hannah has a foster mum. And Jade’s got her very own butler! This funny, heart-warming picture book celebrates different kinds of families and the special bonds between them.

 A gently funny picture book celebrating the diverse mix of families that can make up any child’s classroom: whether it’s Harry’s ‘total legend’ single mum, Kate’s two dads or the coolest adults Jamie knows – his granny and grandpops. My Friends and Me will pull on heart strings and funny bones as it explores the love that makes up every family.  

The colourful illustrations by the brilliant Katy Halford (Naughty Narwhal) are packed full of detail and humour to bring a smile to parents and children alike.

Educational, fun and celebrates diversity!

Stephanie Stansbie’s funny and engaging story, complete with cameos from various family pets, is brimming with positivity. It is a must for every child’s bookshelf, classroom and library.

My Friends and Me celebrates the love in every family, in all their varied and beautiful forms. 

A destacar:

- Autor: Stephanie Stansbie.

- Ilustrador: Stephanie Stansbie.

- Dimensões: 260 x 230 mm.

- Nº de páginas: 32 [capa mole].

- Data de lançamento: 30 de Setembro de 2020.

- ISBN:  9781788817318.

- Idioma: Inglês. 

Para quem?

Recomendado para crianças com mais de 3 anos de idade.

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